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West near Tally Lake, looking east at Whitefish Range



 Welcome to ... Salish Mountains Wildlife Corridor

   A natural Northwest Montana funneling area for wildlife.  It’s all that’s left of an ancient migration route,  ever year we are loosing more full forested canopy that  exists here, Wildlife prefer thick forest cover to move from Glacier Park area to Idaho. This crossing is already established,  and we witness increased wildlife activity for past 40 years. But the Highway  here is killing massive  amounts  of critters a year.


              Fixing 100 years of Eliminating Vital Habitat

   This Migration routes  bridges two Grizzly Bear Recovery Areas, a funneling point, that’s only a  1/2  mile  sprint across private open field most of that is us, the other  we need help with. This Crossing is mostly in Flathead National Forest, Stillwater State Forest and very little private land, and that is of great concern for wildlife.



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  Click  HOME PAGE to see what we are trying to do, with many photos of the Area and Places to see in the Whitefish Montana area.

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July  23  2016

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