Wildlife crossings cut down on road kill.

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 Aug 28, 2017


This hill top  is  in Flathead National Forest,  your looking west at  barn, only 1/2 mile onward  away  into Salish Mountains or Tally Lake  area. That far ridge is a Grizzly Core area, Cabinet-Selway-Bitterroot or Kootenai-Yaak, Idaho. 

    This is a big game funneling area, concatenated Wildlife crossing to and from here. Wildlife pushed  thru here by urban sprawl,  tourism, logging, farms, and the elimination of a animal friendly river bottom with canopy forested areas.

    Wild life  have  migrated this route here  to the other side of valley for thousands of years.   Glacier National Park and the North Fork  is about 15 miles behind this spot. Were standing in  the Glacier Grizzly Core area on this hill top, looking into another core.

    Look at the map!  The Busy Highway 93, Farm to Market Road, Stillwater River  all congregate together here.. and the Forests, Timber, National Forests and State Forests  canopy funnel the wildlife .

 “the Lonely Barn”  on US 93,  is the center of the deadly Highway crossing.   Its  also the narrowest point in the valley forested, in a direct  line migration route  between the two Grizzly Core Areas. You’ll see us focus this Barn in many pictures for that reason.

   Sept. 2011,  5 deer killed  here crossing  that month.                           Fall Colors like this is around October 17 th

      Highway 93 and Salish Mountains looking West  2011

                      Wildlife Migration Concern  West Boundary of

  Glacier National Park to Flathead National Forest

    Vital Habitat, old wildlife migration route between the Glacier Park’s west slope and the Idaho panhandle and Yaak Kootenai, Cabinet Mountain’s Grizzly Core Area.

    Wildlife funneling around Swift Creek,  Whitefish Lake, through Beaver Lakes  into upper Flathead Stillwater River bottom.

    Regional funneling way south around the Kootenai Dam that barricades water 71 miles north into Canada.  and then there's  this road block... The Flathead Valley,  suburbia, from here another 130 miles south to Missoula, busy congested carnival and zoo of population.

   That leaves us a 41 mile gap between Canada and Arizona where the Grizzly can sneak across the rocky mountains East to West. That is filling in with  population, that mandates logging because the trees are to close to there homes. Here is a small mountain pass if you look at the map.  This is the Corridor

 Stillwater River... center of Corridor

The Flathead from Space


    From here to Arizona the wildlife migration  east to west is barricaded with busy civilization. This is the long way around via the last wild Forests in the lower 48.


   This small Mountain Pass is the funneling area wildlife magnate to thinking is a safe passage away from people to cross.


    If water foul ‘s extinct drive them north and south, maybe big game wander east and west  for a reason  we haven't understood?


    Purchasing of fragmented habitats for imperiled species including the grizzly bear, lynx, wolverine, pine martin, fisher will help meet the recovery goals for this species by providing critical connectivity of landscapes  to the Cabinet-Yaak ,Selway-Bitterroot Recovery areas and long-term protection of Grizzly, Sensitive Species, Species of Concern and all other animals flowing thru the funnel of a natural mountain pass.




West end of Corridor, Star Meadows

Center of Corridor on highway 93

West near Tally Lake, looking east at Whitefish Range

 This is the only open area in this naturally funneling, forest canopy area it’s 1/4 mile dash from one national forest across busy highway 93 to  another national forest.

 Beaver Lake North, scheduled to be logger 2013...last place for  with thick canopy


 What seams to be funneling wildlife here ? possibly the natural mountainous pass or geologic landscape of combination of Lakes, Reservoirs,  Wolves,  Logging, Parks,  Suburban Sprawl,  Farms,  Fields,  Cleared Land,  and constant increasing population to Northwest Montana.  

     This “last best place”  is also  “Best for Wildlife”, it is now unsafe place for sensitive, endangered and indigenous wildlife.  We need to stop developing for human recreation, tourism,  stop logging this forest canopy passage.  Help us start setting aside preserving  Habitat and land.  Dedicate and establish this vital connectivy route  between two Grizzly Bear Core/Recovery Areas.   Plan for a future animal bridge over deadly Highway 93 at this busy crossing. We are bringing attention to the people, biologist’s and researchers that this area barricades travel, Libby Dam  stretching 70 miles  north, then 130 miles south is near impassable through Flathead suburbia to Missoula.

     We believe we need to secure private land that connect and the stepping stones for safe wildlife  migration. Through this little mountainous pass.  We hope to persuade and convince with adjoining Federal, State and private forests owners to join us.  Promote area conservation easements of real estate. Advocate the stop and loss of vital canopy habitat near Stillwater River crossing area.

    We want to work with State and Federal Forest Service so we will not have to restore this vital forests canopy. The law makers in trying to enhance this area are developing farther away from natural habitat.  Don’t the wildlife have right to thrive naturally with some natural  habitat left alone and a safe place then a way to connect to it ?     




      Big game migrates or crisscrossed through our land to skirt the north end of busy Flathead Valley for access into the Salish Mountains or Whitefish Range. We are located between Glacier National Park and Flathead/ Kootenai/ Yaak forests just South of Alberta and British Columbia. We are several miles Northwest of Whitefish Montana, the North edge of the urban sprawl. We have some of the last private forested, unlogged, unfenced land in this area. The area is getting more inhabited with industry, subdivided lots, homes and agriculture.  Urban sprawl is encroaching everywhere subdivisions have running amuck.  Forest service is mandated to log off there forest near private lands for fire prevention.

     In 60 years we have seen an increased abundance of wildlife here, endangered and non, living here and moving through. It’s been multiplying over the last 60 years. Not sure why but I have come to the conclusion the urban sprawl, Industry and people have affected this.  Pushing the wildlife, concentrating it to here. We now have an abundance of wildlife bunching up when being pushed out of the natural wild canopy.  The Wildlife is trying to make its way to the distant Salish Mountains by moving down out of the high country to cross the valley.  We surly need Biologists to study this.  Maybe Lance Craighead would be interested! What applies to Grizzly may also apply to the Whitetail, Wolverine, Martin, Lynx, and Wolves.


     This web site is several pages of onsite pictures, pointing out some observations, bring attention to a few of the problems, images of land, highway, river, dams, lakes, forests with maps showing that it has  gotten worse through the years.  I believe if something isn't done now it may be too late.  Increasing building, subdividing, government logging and  recreation developing. It will be to expensive 5 years from now, 15 years from now. And if globing warming  is real we may not be able restore the forest canopy as it was.

    Please look at this and see if there's something or someone that can help us help the wildlife and habitat.  Create an animal friendly corridor. We would like the National and State Forest agencies to partner with us. Before they log! We also need to secure some more private lands before they are developed. Then restore the natural landscape a network of forest canopy interiors for movements of Grizzly to Pine Martin, Lynx to Cougar, Wolf to Wolverine and plan on an animal bridge to go over Highway 93, then through this half mile of upper Flathead Valley Stillwater River bottom. Soon while the land is still available!

     Is there any Wildlife Habitat restoration help available? Lets help wildlife cross between the two Grizzly Bear Recovery areas on US 93.

   I need to contact persons for help from the Flathead National Forest, Bonneville Power Line Co., Montana Highway Dept. Stillwater State Forest and of course all Wildlife agency's State and Federal, pretending to care about wildlife and protecting forests, habitat and wildlife. Also like to invite some wealthy individual's to purchase some the network of lands to allow the stepping stone to cross this valley. 

            Kerry R. Hubble   logger919@earthlink.net    801-972-6066



Two Reservoirs and large Lakes are funneling wildlife through our area

 .         Salish Mountains Wildlife Corridor

   A natural Northwest Montana funneling area for wildlife.  It’s all that’s left of an ancient migration route,  ever year we are loosing more full forested canopy that  exists here, Wildlife prefer thick forest cover to move from Glacier Park area to Idaho. This crossing is already established,  and we witness increased wildlife activity for past 40 years. But the Highway  here is killing massive  amounts a year.


              Fixing 100 years of Eliminating Vital Habitat

   This Migration routes  bridges two Grizzly Bear Recovery Areas, a funneling point, that’s only a  1/2  mile  sprint across private open field most of that is us, the other  we need help with. This Crossing is mostly in Flathead National Forest, Stillwater State Forest and very little private land, and that is of great concern for wildlife.

  Fraction of Road kill summer of 2013 at this 1/4 mile crossing

what is needed soon !


 Glacier National Park

Flathead Suburbia and developing sprawl

    Hungry Horse Dam 75 miles long


  Libby Dam 100 miles long



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Salish Mountains Wildlife Corridor

highway 93  our driveway 2017 Montana DOT lawyers say it is a low traffic secondary highway no concern, nothing to see here.

highway 93  is main  flow  for tourists  lumber, and only highway into Northwest Montana from Alberta, British Colombia‘s

Jan 3, 2018