Beaver Lake Montana, State Forest

    Beaver Lake Area  Pictures:  Murray, Little Beaver, Woods, Dollar Lake But theirs Spencer Skyles and Thornburg. PS  Boyle, Rainbow and any more we find. Lower Stillwater, Upper Stillwater, Bootjack, Tally , Dog Lake..... Upper Whitefish


        Starting in 2011 there's two places in this area you cant see natural wildlife activity... Round Meadows  ski trails  and now Beaver Lake Bike Trails  ...keep up the good work.   Because its Vital Winter range cant we limit it seasonally to Spring and Summer use for them Bike trails ? and slow the logging? 

     This is in the direct path of the Glacier Park to the Western  Selway-Kootenai– Cabinet-Yaak  migration  route.

 I did a deer count fall 2011  from 2010 and 75% less deer from the same time the year before, after the trails went in !

      Montana may want to rethink the Logging  and Bike Trails ? Now they want to log Beaver Lake North



Endangered Species Act of 1973

Congress said that the purpose of the Act are "…to provide a means whereby the ecosystems upon which endangered species and threatened species depend may be conserved [and] to provide a program for the conservation of such … species…"

   All wildlife  need CONNECTIVITY  to pass from one range to another, the wilderness in the high country is plentiful in Northwest Montana but the low lying River bottoms and flat land winter range is inundated with homes, highways, fences, kids, dogs ...suburbia industry, parked out estates with wicked fencing, fields, farms,......you got give the a fair chance to survive the winters and pass into other natural forested core areas set aside for there existence. In the last 150 years people wiped out the Flatheads Wintering river bottoms. Parks and mountain forests are nice but a lot of game don't live up there in the winters they move lower to survive. The new Beaver Lake area  activity has pushed them out to already overrun ecosystems. Spencer Lake is next to fall. The day of wildlife moving some ware else is not possible, that some ware else is gone and if its not it over burden and cant naturally holds any more and live healthy, hence all the wildlife becoming practically domesticated and our land full of wildlife that was not there 40 years ago.  Salish Mountains Wildlife Corridor and its miss is CONNECTIVITY

Deer found shot and left near Murray Lake.

Pictures of natural and logged areas. If you were a wild animal trying to stay outa site would you cross a clear cut area smelling of dogs, people ...leave them some cover

Getting all logged off now...this is not the Montana I new as a kid, it was full of Bear, Elk and Deer. Now its replaced with dog crap, wafer stompers tracks,  biodegradable toilet paper, people ... and less wildlife

Looking  northeast to the Upper Whitefish


Conservationists have long called for creating corridors that would enable large mammals and other wildlife to roam more freely across an increasingly developed planet. But now scientists are taking a closer look at just how well these corridors are working and what role they might play in a warming world.

by jim robbins

Whitefish Range in the back round on the Stillwater State Forest  from Beaver Lake Area

There goes the neighborhood... Dog crap  & biodegradable T.P. ever ware and no wildlife!

From the Beaver Lake area, the far ridges your look at is  North East to the Whitefish Range ....Glacier National Park and North fork is on the other side .

    Upper Whitefish,  Swift Creek area is pretty well logged  and the old growth is seldom seen, these mountains are where Wildlife move down out of Glacier and high country cruse around the open clear cutting /logging/Lupfer suburbs, around Boyle Lake up into the these Beaver Lake hills on the way across the valley to the old natural winter range or into the Salish Mountains.  That funnels them on the highway at Stillwater River  where the timber narrows.

Murray  Lake above.  right and below is the north slope of the Beaver Lake area mountains looking down into Swift Creek basin and the far Logger –clear cut  looking Whitefish Range also know as Upper Whitefish. Glacier National Park is on the other side of them Mountains, Your in there Grizzly Core Area now.

Stillwater State Forest  Land

National Forest

Swift Creek

Woods Lake

Murray Lake

Murray Lake

Beaver Lake Nov 2014

  On the Beaver Lake, Murray Lake, Woods Lake  Trail where the effects of the trails bring in  many Dogs, Hikers, Bikers Tourists  has tamed  wildlife so the shooters can easy  kill...2014 we found 5 different fawns & does shot and left near the trail.

    We called the  Montana  Parks, Fish and Game and ... ????  I have more pictures on a cell phone of  two other deer.  So who does this ? does some one hate deer, sprawl?  trails or people ?   where the activist's to save wild life? we have plenty of activists helping to promote tourism, bikes, dog lovers.. this is vital Corridor  for wildlife that migrate to and from Glacier Park... gee  open your eyes.... Kerry R. Hubble

Dec 26, 2014