This is before and after logging    Bears soon drag off road kill, that explains all bones in the woods.  Lets give them a break.

 Thick natural cover helps them feel secure. That then directs wildlife to safest area to cross valley.   Encounters with Moose, Bear, Cougar, Wolves, Pine Martin, Wolverine  increased while we have lived here.  Logging of this last canopy on private, state and federal forests continual today. I will walk you thought this if you care to come and see ...its not rocket surgery  Kerry 406-253-0659


   In winter migrating big game and protected species funnel from one national forest  across the highway to another habitat, they have to skirt around the urban areas...when Spencer Lake area is logged expect them to come thru here also….give them a break.    Leave them a Corridor.



Left big game once hid and traveled through here.  the animals are moving across the valley  and they need more shelter than this.  Logged in 2007  this is a half mile to the south of our land, this is  what's left there now.  They now are in our crossing at the highway, I hope for a different approach.  Now  its home for game camera’s,  salt blocks , tree stands and is inviting trespassing on to private land.


  Hungry Bears and Eagles  cruise the  road  looking for the road kill.

    Below  is 960 acres of Flathead National Forest that is partially still untouched and natural as seen in these pictures.

    This  island Forest patch is Vital for the movement of migrating wildlife, connectivity of two Grizzly Recovery Core areas, can we please let it alone because it aides the movement.  It is shelter canopy, timber from the Great Fire of 1910.

    Lets help the wildlife across the upper Flathead Valley, they  need this to survive the Flathead Sprawl.




 Flathead National Forest 2009 logged and thinning causing wildlife to move for cover. Spencer Lake is next.  Spencer lake  2200 acres, is 2 more miles south. thought to wildlife  displaced  or habitat loss.

          Where will they go? don't know but it will be thru here when they to do it. Now New Beaver Lake bike trails cut wildlife count in that area by 75%.  In 2011

    This is the 1/2 mile Gauntlet big game  funnel here to cross the Northern Flathead Valley.  Glacier Park is a walk East through the woods away, Literally.

  Them foothills are Tally Lake area, National Forest, then Kootenai, the Idaho pan handle. This photo is taken  feet from the National Forest boundary, looking west, Beaver Lake North. I’m on the Highway shoulder !




If you were wildlife which forest would you hide, bed, or cross the valley through? This or to the left?

            The last 30 years we have done all we can to help, we now need others who can.

Rick Hubble photo


            Why Here? Why Now?...Wildlife use this as a stepping stone to funnel across the Flathead valley

   This  960 acre island of Flathead National Forest needs to be saved for wildlife.  This is a stepping stone to the last  canopied sanctuary for migrating  wildlife, a strip of old thick forest situated naturally along side dense human population.  Wildlife are increasingly  being burdened by people, loggers, developments in the Flathead and  urban sprawl its bunching up  wildlife that funnel from the Beaver Lake, Upper Whitefish to Stillwater River, Tally Lake area. State, private and federal logging operations are all affecting wildlife movement with parked out forests. This 960 acres surrounded by industry, recreation trails,  agricultural fields,  busy highway 93, new  home construction, and new roads aggressive urban sprawl run amuck. This vital old thick forests is perfectly located to help wildlife. The big game have used this place to migrate for thousands of years, wildlife cross down off the timbered covered mountains, dash across the valley, Dads fields and the highway,  they swim Stillwater River, then back up into the vast wilds of the National Forests or Glacier Park areas.  Many never make it, as populations of people increases we observe the wildlife crossing  this land also increasing, including Grizzly, Cougar and Wolves.


         Flathead National Forest’s  960 Acres  Bordering Us

                    Salish Mountains Wildlife Corridor 

     Loss  of Migration route  between  Glacier  Park  and the  Cabinet  Mountains

Migration  route west & our barn.   

            Pictures below of the 960 FNF acres we would like FNF to leave alone and be part of the wildlife sanctuary


 please rethink the logging

lived here  since 1955

        Study Google  Earth map.

Funnel effect is happing here because its some of the only timber canopy left, has brushy Beaver Lake Mountains, Less urban sprawl-activity,  lack of fences, brushy Stillwater River bottom,  and Salish Mountains start 1/2 mile dash from the Beaver Lake hills and the fact of narrow highway setbacks.

 Whitefish Range in Far Distance

Beaver Lake North 2007  F.N.F. scheduled to be logged 2008, 2009 and now 2013

Yes it’s  brushy, hunters hate it Wildlife love it. This canopy is vital natural cover for shy wildlife

That hill is FNF the Big Game use to cross the highway

Our woods run deep and to the pavement. Grass 3 feet tall helps make this comfortable for wildlife to cross but deadly.

          After they logged the 960 Acres in 2013

Green is National Forest—Blue is State Forest -  White is Private -  Pink is  Plum Creek ?

Before logging 2011

Now Flathead National Forest Labor Day 2014

 Where will the wildlife now hide, travel Migrate?

 But the cabin owners can rest the fire danged is lowered.