Alberta and British Columbia are north and Glacier  National Park about 15 miles to the  east.  Were in the major part of Kootenai and the Flathead National Forests  and near Montana's Wilderness. Idaho is 75 miles West.

     Wild life, deer, elk, moose, grizzly, wolves and lions all cross this highway and Stillwater river to get on with their migration about Northwest Montana.

   We are  the closest forested land against the highway.  We removed the fences for wildlife, it makes it safety as they  dart across highway 93 on the fly into the forest. I think since the wolves have become so numerous the deer and elk have moved close into the residents to avoid them .

     I have never seen this many Deer, Elk, Moose, Bear, and Cougar in this area in my life. I haven't seen a Wolf or Grizz  here but my sister & neighbors have, In  all the 60’s,  I seen two I can count 7 a day here, at this place?   

     Above,  Animal bridge needed.   Right is our driveway at crossing where we witness constant slaughter year round.  Behind us is National Forest and that Saddle ridge is another National Forest... This is the funnel, the Gauntlet, the Migration rout the choose.

    We need to work something out with the department of agriculture, state of Montana, highway department, state and federal wildlife agencies  at the same time were concerned with Forests from fire. We could allow  fire road easement  through our lands  from highway into this if we can work together.


Our place


Crossing Area

Salish Mountains and Flathead National Forest

National Forests 

       Us on a Grizzly Bear Recovery Map

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wintering  area


City limits

 This Grizzly recovery map we are in or on the edge  of all major Forests, wildlife habit,  we are located in the last wild places in the lower 48, and we are in a funneling, migration route...and we are in the most valued scenic, living bedroom community, recreation, sportsman paradise in the US.  And no end in site for the land pimps selling off the wide open places.

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here land all subdivided and logged

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    Above, The Valley surrounding Kalispell was the winter range for these Mountains be for heavy population engulfed it up.

     Left is Forest Service map showing state land ( blue), National Forest (Green), Private (white) Pink I thought was Plum Creek  ? But its subdivide anyway now. Click for enlargement

Right is Map I’m trying to show the mountains and the valley of suburbia that direct the funneling of the wildlife north to this narrowing of mountains at the north end of the  Flathead Valley.

   From this yellow spot (our corridor)  to Missoula is near 120 miles  there is an animal bridge in a heavy populated  Missoula area.  The rest of the valley in Homes, Ranches, hobby farms, industrial and tourist attractions, crisscrossed  with roads, avenues, streets highways and many county roads.

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This is the highway crossing...if they get to here from them Beaver Lake Hills they are at the Stillwater River bottoms, and your in the Foothills to the Salish Mountains...This is why they use this narrow mountainous timbered canopy migration route.

  Proposing  a Salish  Mountain  Wildlife  Corridor


We seen Wolverines in the yard and also seen one in the upper field  crossing.  brushy, wild canopy here where large wildlife like to move comfortably.

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    Future Animal Bridge needed

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Mountain pass where the wildlife choose to migrate around Suburbia

             White dot is the place on busy Highway 93

  our drive way since 1965 and the Salish Mountains

 Glacier National Park

 Flathead National Forest